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Business Process Transformation Solutions

We automate business processes using the latest Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology which helps accelerates our customer's operations with rule-based user routing and straight-through approval. This empowers business owners or managers to validate and approve documents on-the-go.

Our fully cloud-based Business Process Automation (BPA) platform readily integrates into our customer's existing Accounting Software or Document Management system. And all these are offered as SaaS subscription model, so there is no need for hefty software license fee, annual software maintenance fee, future upgrade cost and server hardware purchases. With no upfront capital investments on IT infrastructure basically means an immediate payback, because our customers simply pay for what they use.

Our Solutions that Accelerate Business Transformation with Process Automation in the Cloud:

  • BPO Platform

    Connect your customers, business processes and applications.

    Transform to a digital BPO company and connect your customers with business processes and applications on an agile cloud-based BPM platform that supports omni-channel communications. Your customers can now submit documents and collaborate on business process through mobile devices, web browsers and instant messaging from anywhere in the world.

    Maximise productivity with the right technology - Self-service on web or mobile can offer a range of benefits. With the right infrastructure and offering on the cloud through mobile and browser-based solutions designed for BPO companies, we will provide you:

    • A smooth onboarding experience with easy-to-use software.
    • No costly training programme for customers, partners and operators.
    • A self-service portal that cuts down overall document processing time and meets SLA.
    • Design individual customer processes with web-based process designer.
    • Intuitive drag and drop process designer that minimizes complex programming effort.
    • Have visibility of your business processes through our web dashboard.
  • Expense Claims
    • An automated experience
    • Reduce costs – lowers overall claims processing costs
    • Simplified and easy to use – data are automatically populates into expense claims
    • Compliance – your policies are configured in the solution
    • Increase employee’s satisfaction with faster employee reimbursement
    • Digital transformation by going paperless through web and mobile receipts submission.
    • A mobile experience
    • It has never been easier for employees to manage expenses on the go with our Mobile app. The Mobile app enables claimants to initiate the claims process and capture receipts on any smartphone or tablet device. Snap and upload receipts as you spend and submit your whole trip for approval before you get back to your desk.

    Your employees can easily create and submit accurate, in-policy expense claims for their managers to quickly review and approve, process. Approval routing rules are easily built based on employee's designation, department, claim amount and even expense type.

    Defined business rules that best represents your organisation policies. You choose the policies and thresholds based on your organisation's unique needs. Fast and easy to deploy business rules help reduce misuse or fraud and ensure that your employee's expense claims are within limits.

  • Invoice Automation

    Invoice can be implemented quickly and users can be onboarded immediately – with no software installation required and an intuitive design interface.

    No need for tedious process designing from scratch.

    Your Accounts Payable have access to invoices as soon as they're submitted. Identify & resolve bottlenecks immediately. An audit trail in place without fuss.

    Notified through rule-based notifications and alerts Accounts Payable staff and suppliers can easily collaborate with historical records captured for future audit trail.

    Automatically determine invoice process routes and/or approval policy using machine learning technology and Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

    Invoice information matches with your ERP's databases, including supplier list, purchase orders, and goods receipts. Drives efficiency and cost savings, and minimising the workload of your Accounts Payable.

  • Proof of Delivery

    Always on time proof
    Increase operational efficiency and productivity
    Improve cash flow and reduce DSO (days sales outstanding) period

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