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Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Utilizing some of the top names in cloud backup and disaster recovery industry, RISB offers affordable solutions that are reliable and secure. With automated cloud backup and recovery, you'll spend less time managing lost data and more time building your business. And should an emergency ever occur, we'll help minimize your down time and fully recover your most important data without skipping a beat.

All these are provided with rampant cybercriminal attacks that could be potentially experienced by our customers in mind. Hence, our solution comes with proactive Ransomware detection and fast remediation. Coupled with other customized security solutions, our people can assist to craft multiple layers of protection based on recognized security compliance for our customers, keeping all these threats at bay.

Rabbit offers Cost-Predictability when storing customers' data in the Cloud through our Time-Based Retention subscription offerings:

  • 1 Year Cloud Retention
    • Unlimited Data
    • Ability to roll-back up-till 12 months in the past (FIFO)
  • Infinite Cloud Retention
    • Unlimited Data
    • Ever-accumulating retention at a FIXED Monthly rate
  • Our solution uses Inverse Chain Backup which points are all independent, recoverable Images
  • Block-level changes are stored in VMDK format and are easily restored without need for Conversion
  • This minimizes Data Loss from Ransomware /Cryptolocker
  • Our New Proactive Ransomware Detection reduces RTO even further

After backing up an image, Rabbit tests the integrity of the backup by virtually booting up the image within the appliance to guarantee your backup image is successful - Giving you Piece of Mind.

We take a step further now to allow Application-Level Verification.

With our Managed Services, we can easily help you recover in the event of Hardware/OS Failure, VM Image corruption, multiple VM failures, Total Site Disaster or the dreaded Ransomware Infection - Business Continuity is never so easy!

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