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Our People

All our technical staffs are well trained, certified and qualified. They have a breath of experience ranging from minimum of 5 years to more than two decades of IT operation, support and solutions experience.

Our Offerings

RISB has developed strong relationships with industry-leading technology companies in order to provide comprehensive solutions to customers that consistently meet their business needs. Collaborating with a right group of technology partners, RISB gains access to emerging technologies that enable our team to stay at the forefront of innovation.

We help our customers meet the challenge of operating in a complex multi-channel, on demand world where client experience is increasingly paramount as a business differentiator.

Our customers benefit from the consistency of our highly qualified and well-appreciated engineers. They are trained to use an extremely friendly and non-confrontational approach, whether remotely or onsite, gaining trust in sometimes highly complex communications, which leads to great success from the interaction, allowing customers to meet challenging targets, increase revenues, improve customer service, balance demand fluctuations, and increase customer retention and acquisition.